Westhold provides state of the art race timing systems and scoreboards.

Just ask your neighboring track, or any of the 500+ organizations worldwide why they choose Westhold as their automated race timing system provider. Are you looking to transition to more reasonably priced transponders? Detect transponders from other brands - Ask about the NEW HYBRID SYSTEM!

Timing Systems

We have several affordable transponder options to suit any type of racing, and our decoder (IDEC) can now detect transponders from other brands. Ask about the new HYBRID SYSTEM.


Our LED scoreboards are compatible with numerous transponder timing systems. We offer vertical and horizontal scoreboards with various digit size options.


Westhold handhelds are used to display times for various types of racing such as oval, road, off-road, drag and autocross racing. With a line-of-site range of up to 1.5 miles, everyone from the racers in the paddocks to the timing officials and fans can get into the action.