Activated Kart System

Activated-Kart Transponder

The Activated-kart transponder is a cost-effective unit intended for karts and quarter midgets. No charging necessary. Replaceable internal battery (battery life 2-3 years, depending on usage. Non-use shelf life up to 9 years). Transponder can be zip-tied to the vehicle or affixed to the vehicle with a pouch.

IDEC Decoder

Using advanced pattern recognition, The IDEC decoder can determine with great accuracy and precision the instant each vehicle with a transponder crosses the center of the detection loop. Information is sent to a PC running our FREE Race Manager Software for analysis and storage. Data can then be distributed to other devices such as scoreboards, printers, wireless hand-held lap time viewers, and other third party devices. The IDEC can be used standalone or in a network of multiple timing points. INCLUDES BALUN, LOOP ANTENNA, COAX, AND NETWORK CABLES.

The IDEC Decoder supports multiple protocols and is compatible with:

  • Apex Timing
  • AxWare
  • Chronolec
  • ClubSpeed
  • LiveTime
  • MoScore
  • NatSoft
  • RaceTrackInnovations
  • Vola Racing MSports
  • Vola Racing Circuit Pro
  • and MANY MORE


    The activator is intended for activated transponders only. The transponders power-on when they hear the appropriate activation signal generated by an activator device. Once the transponder turns on it will stay on for 1 hour. If it does not hear the activation signal again within the hour it will turn off automatically. If the transponder hears the activation signal again, it will reset its internal timer and remain on.